Breeder Fiber Sample Information

The submission form contains information about packaging. These instructions should be shared with assistants involved in preparing samples for shipping.

When you complete your sample submission form online, an electronic copy is automatically sent to your Cotton Incorporated Project Manager and the Lab. Please list your Core or State Support Project Number on the form. This speeds the process of entering the project into the testing lab systems. Examples of proper shipping procedures are shown in the links to the right.

If you do not submit the form online, when you ship your samples, you must send an electronic copy of the submission form to your Project Manager. Your project manager will alert the lab about incoming samples.

NOTE: USDA Classing style barcode labels are REQUIRED! Samples without this coding format will not be tested.

  • Font: SKANDATArC39 (questions, Suzanne Holmes
  • Code must begin with *99 and end with *
  • Code will contain a total of 12 numbers as shown in example below
  • Example: *991122345678*
  • No symbols or alphanumeric characters

Describing your research project objectives helps the lab staff in reporting project progress. Examples of appropriate objectives include brief comments such as: study is looking at impact of insects and environment on fiber properties, study to determine impact of prototype ginning equipment on fiber quality, etc... Please note: "because I need HVI and AFIS results is not an appropriate research objective."


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