Research Proposal Guidelines

Description: This page provides Cotton Incorporated's guidelines for submitting research proposals for Cooperative Research Agreements/Research Contracts. Cotton Incorporated sponsors research in the following areas:

  • Product Development and Implementation
  • Agricultural Research
  • Fiber Competition

Funding is based on a calendar year beginning January 1 through December 31.
Questions regarding proposal submission should be directed to Heather Steele, Sr. Coordinator, Intellectual Property, Contracts, & Legal

at 919/678-2373 or Fax: 919/678-2233. 

Proposals for cotton research should contain the following information:

•  Name and Address of Cooperator •  Project Title •  Objective of Research
•  Significance of Research •  Prior and Current Research •  Plan of Work
•  Qualifications of Research Cooperator •  Starting Date and Duration •  Cooperative Support
•  Budget •  Endorsement  

To facilitate review and follow-up, two copies of the proposal should be submitted to the appropriate Cotton Incorporated Research Department for the appointment of a "project manager" at Cotton Incorporated, 6399 Weston Parkway; Cary, North Carolina; 27513

Deadlines:Projects are funded on a calendar-year basis.

Information for Proposal:

 Name and Address of Cooperator

The legal or corporate designation of the cooperator, if different from that commonly used, should also be given. The name of the principal investigator and department should be given, as well as the responsible duly authorized officer for liaison (contract signing) with Cotton Incorporated. When financial matters are to be handled by officials other than the principal investigator, the appropriate names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers should also be given.

 Project Title

A brief descriptive title of the project should be given. When desirable, a longer, more definitive title may also be given.

 Objective of Research

The objectives of the research should be clearly and specifically outlined.

 Significance of Research

A statement of how the research would be expected to benefit the cotton industry should be presented.

 Prior and Current Research

Prior and current research related to the problem should be reviewed and major references should be cited.

 Plan of Work

Research plans should contain sufficient detail to permit some advance evaluation of the technical procedures to be followed and some assessment of the feasibility of the projected work. It is recognized, however, than in many cases the course of a research undertaking cannot be fully determined in advance.

 Qualifications of Research Cooperator

Special qualifications of the cooperator conducting the research should be presented. In particular, the information should include the names, titles, and experience of scientific personnel to be associated with the research, background of the cooperator in work related to the project, and a description or listing of major facilities and equipment available for the research.

 Starting Date and Duration

The desired starting date and expected duration of the research should be stated. Some flexibility in starting dates may be necessary in order to allow time for review and follow-up action on proposals. Projects are funded for one calendar year with optional yearly renewals.

 Cooperative Support

The names and addresses of co-sponsors, if any, should be given. Submission of a proposal to other sponsors will not prejudice its review by Cotton Incorporated. Support from both co-sponsors and research cooperators is encouraged, but inability to provide such support will not in any way lessen Cotton Incorporated’s interest in sound cotton research projects.


Cotton Incorporated is a not-for-profit company whose research funds primarily are derived from the U.S. cotton producers and operates under legislation that is administered by the Cotton Board and USDA. Cotton Incorporated requires an estimated total budget on an annual basis as the research needs dictate. Breakdown of the budget estimate should include: (1) salary costs of all professional and sub-professional personnel who will be associated with the research, (2) fringe benefits, (3) overhead costs, if applicable*, not to exceed 15%, (4) materials/supplies, (5) costs of equipment, (6) travel, and (7) other costs as specified. Contributions in funds and in equivalent services of the sponsor, co-sponsor(s) and the research cooperator should be clearly indicated under any, or all, of the budget categories which may be appropriate. Items of equipment and unused supplies (costing over $2,500 per item with a useful life of at least one year) and facilities purchased with funds contributed by Cotton Incorporated shall remain the sole property of Cotton Incorporated.
*Overhead is not permitted on projects funded through the State Support Program and the Producer Genetics Initiative Program.


The proposal should be signed by an appropriate and duly authorized official of the research cooperator.

Cotton Incorporated Research Departments:
Textile Research Attention: Ms. Mary Ann Ankeny, Senior Director, Textile Chemistry
Cotton Incorporated; 6399 Weston Parkway; Cary, North Carolina 27513; Telephone: 919/678-2394; Fax: 919/678-2235 Email: Mary Ann Ankeny
Agricultural Research Attention: Dr. Kater Hake, Vice President, Agricultural and Environmental Research
Cotton Incorporated; 6399 Weston Parkway; Cary, North Carolina 27513; Telephone: 919/678-2266; Fax: 919/678-2233 Email: Kater Hake
Fiber Competition Attention: Ms. Vikki B. Martin, Senior Director, Fiber Competition
Cotton Incorporated; 6399 Weston Parkway; Cary, North Carolina 27513; Telephone: 919/678-2414; Fax: 919/678-2232 Email:Vikki B. Martin


If the appropriate department cannot be determined, direct proposals to:
Ms. Heather Steele, Sr. Coordinator, Intellectual Property, Contracts, & Legal
Cotton Incorporated; 6399 Weston Parkway; Cary, North Carolina 27513;
Telephone: 919/678-2373; Fax: 919/678-2233
Email: Heather Steele .

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