Product Integrity

Product sustainability, product safety, and textile standards development are three areas that are addressed by the Product Integrity team. Although many of the teams within the Product Development and Implementation division are involved with improving the sustainability of cotton processing, PI has been part of the core team for the measurement of impacts of the cotton lifecycle from production of the fiber through garment end of life and assessment of sustainability efforts within the company. Visit Cotton Today for more information.

These results are then utilized in Product Integrity during work with various industry organizations and standards groups such as AAFA, AATCC, ASTM International, and The Sustainability Consortium. Product Integrity also helps to coordinate and to monitor product standards development activities in many areas for the division and to represent the company at ANSI and ISO meetings. In addition to sustainability and product performance, some of the industry groups and government regulatory activities that are observed by PI are related to product safety, which includes topics such as flammability, green chemistry, and REACh.


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