Product Development

  • Product Development provides inspirational and technical fabric development ideas to all facets of the textile, apparel,
    and home industry.
  • Through applied research, fabric development, and design, the Product Development team utilizes yarn, fabric structure, and dyeing and finishing procedures to produce fabrics that are relevant for the latest trends and far reaching ideas
    for the textile industry.
  • Technical assistance is provided to mills, brands and retailers.
  • Thousands of woven and knit fabrics developed by Cotton Incorporated are housed at the Cary, NC headquarters.
  • The Product Development Laboratory is a well-equipped research and development facility capable of producing a wide range
    of knit products.

Research is conducted to improve fabric performance and diagnose fabric defects. The design and development of unique fabrics are shown to companies industry wide to encourage the use of cotton. Integrating Cotton Incorporated technology advancements with woven and knit structures, textiles are rendered water resistant, breathable, and with moisture management properties. The research and development that is performed on a daily basis is shared with the textile industry in a variety of ways; at trade shows, seminars, and meetings. Knitting and weaving specifications are provided in a clear manner for immediate industry application. Industry visits are vital for both the collection and distribution of information. Representation at numerous trade shows both in the U.S. and abroad helps to channel our ideas and inspiration to as wide an audience as possible. Textile education is provided to enhance the knowledge cotton in textiles through workshops and hands on instruction.

Product Development Laboratory

The Product Development Laboratory is a well-equipped research and development facility capable of producing a wide range of knit products. State of the art production knitting equipment ranges from fine to coarse gauge with the ability to produce the most basic constructions to elaborate multi-colored engineered jacquards. Seamless knit garments are developed on a fully electronic V-Bed sweater machine capable of making complex cables and transfers. Single and double knit equipment ranges in patterning capability from 4-track, stepjack, to fully electronic needle selection. Three end fleece, sinker loop terry machines, and the latest in storage feeders and spandex attachments gives Product Development the flexibility needed to provide ideas across all markets. Specialized equipment for constructing sweaters completes the range of production equipment utilized in the development of cotton products. Woven developments are designed and drafted in our fully equipped CAD/CAM studio on advanced weaving software. Technical specs are communicated to outside weaving mills where the fabric production is outsourced.

CAD/CAM Studio

CAD/CAM Studio

The CAD/CAM Studio is not only a place of design creativity, but also the hub for technical knit and woven layouts for operating production equipment. By wireless and computer disk, data is communicated to in-house production equipment to develop intricate jacquard and structured knits. Print designs are created and processed on digital and rotary printing machines.


Inspiration can be gained from interesting fabric structures, prints, and dyeing & finishing techniques.


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