Finishing Research

The Finishing Research group focuses on collaboration, creativity and innovation. Collaboration both internal and external seeks to combine fabric construction, yarn selection, mechanical and chemical processes with new or existing finishes to create real innovation. An important focus is enhancing the performance of cotton products compared to competing fibers. The department also provides technical services to solve problems in the industry.

Cost effectiveness, sustainability, and ease of manufacturing are always considerations in the applied research. All research is documented in reports, technical bulletins, and published papers. Presentations are often made to industry groups both in-house and outside.

Analytical services are performed by two laboratories: analytical chemistry and spectroscopy. These laboratories support research projects within the company. Through cooperation with Dyeing Research, Technology Management and Implementation, and Global Supply Chain Marketing, testing and technical assistance is provided to the industry from the farm to retail. In addition to standard analytical test methods, a variety of instrumental spectroscopic techniques are used to identify sources of problems and to provide solutions.


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