Fiber Processing

The Fiber Processing Laboratory (FPL) is a state-of-the-art yarn producing pilot facility. From bale to finished yarn, this facility houses a complete range of yarn manufacturing equipment including opening, blending, cleaning, carding, drawing, and combing machinery.  The lab also contains three types of spinning systems including the most current Murata MVS technology as well as rotor machines from both Rieter and Schlafhorst. Also in use are two compact ring-spinning technologies. Advanced Amsler slub yarn technology and Saurer two-for-one twisting capabilities complete this very flexible pilot lab.

The facility is staffed by formally trained and industry experienced personnel whose responsibilities include everything from machine setup to mill audits, experimental design, data analysis, and presentations.

Among the many services offered by this facility, its key function is to support internal research and development activities within Cotton Incorporated.

Internal research projects are designed to answer industry problems and concerns and, most importantly, to accomplish these in the most timely manner possible. Past and continuing research addresses the following important areas:

  • Raw material properties and applications.
  • Process efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Yarn evenness and general quality improvement.
  • Barré and its many causes.
  • Short fiber content and its influence on yarn and end product quality.
  • Evaluation of new processes and technology.

There is also a growing demand by cotton users for educational activities and presentations related to their needs. In response, numerous events are held each year for growers, ginners, mills, retailers, and other key supply chain consumers on topics such as basic textile fundamentals or other specific areas of interest.


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