Colllege of Nonwovens



For over 40 years, the efforts of Cotton Incorporated have elevated consumer demand for cotton. Cotton has become a profitable choice for markets as diverse as fashion, home décor, construction, medical and health and beauty. The recent explosion in diversification of nonwoven wipes, feminine hygiene products, and diapers has spurred interest in cotton as a valuable, natural, and sustainable component fiber. Here, as in other product categories, Cotton Incorporated can provide valuable technical guidance and marketing support.

• Diapers (75%)
• Baby wipes (71%)
• Feminine Napkins (80%)
• Tampons (82%)
• Adult Incontinence Products (61%)

For brands wanting to differentiate their product from the competition, cotton is the key.

Using cotton in nonwovens will qualify manufacturers to go to market with one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Year after year, the Seal of Cotton has had an 80% or higher recognition rate with consumers. When given the choice between cotton and other fibers for their personal care products, consumers consistently choose cotton:


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