Technical Development:
Topsheet application research substantiates superior performance of natural cotton spunlace materials.
"Electrokinetic properties of functional layers in absorbent incontinence nonwoven products"
Textile Research Journal 21 April 2012.
"Electrokinetic analysis of hydroentangled greige cotton-synthetic fiber blends for absorbent technologies"
Textile Research Journal26 November 2013.

Medical & Skin Wellness:
Properties imparted by natural oils and waxes on unbleached cotton include low level hydrogen peroxide production, hemostatic properties and reduction of chronic wound inflammation.
"Modified cotton gauze dressings that selectively absorb neutrophil elastase activity in solution"
Wound Repair and Regeneration 9(1):50-58 2001.
"In vitro hemostatic, hydrogen peroxide production and elastase sequestration properties of nonwoven ultra clean greige cotton dressing"
Southern Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, New Orleans, LA 70124.

"Emerging Concepts in Nonwovens Dressings" Nonwovens Report International Issue 4 2013.

The Natural Benefits Of Unbleached Cotton.
As Close To The Plant As You Can Get.

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