Social Media Marketing is greatly underutilized
as a customer engagement tool.
About 1 in 5 women say they follow feminine
hygiene brands on social media sites.

In the US, women mainly follow these social media sites for coupons and promotions.
Reaching out to consumers about your brand, new product launches, etc. through social media is essential
in retailing today across categories. There is a major untapped opportunity for feminine hygiene brands
to utilize social media to develop a stronger relationship with their customers beyond point of sale and
entice new customers to try their products.
A sizeable share of tampon users are combining
products - offering opportunities for mixed
product packages, new promotions, and/or
consumer education.
Nearly half of tampon users in these countries say they always or usually use a pantiliner when using a tampon.

About a third of tampon users always or usually use a pad when using a tampon.
Opportunities exist to take advantage of this trend by creating mixed product boxes or offering
promotions around buying two different types of feminine hygiene products at the same time. Tampon
brands without complementary pad/liner products may want to consider line extensions.

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