Cleanroom Supply Manufacturer Introduces Natural Fiber Wipe, Adopts Natural™ Seal of Cotton Trademark

Tuesday March 17, 2009

Lymtech Scientific, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of contamination control supplies, has launched a new cleanroom wipe made of 100% U.S. cotton. The G7 wipe leverages cotton’s inherent absorbency and static dissipative properties to meet the contamination control needs of a variety of industries. In addition, the product helps companies reduce their environmental impact by offering an alternative to petroleum- and wood-based fibers. To underscore the company’s commitment to offer effective and environmentally-positive products, Lymtech has received a license to use the Natural™ Seal of Cotton mark for marketing the G7 products.

“Lymtech prides itself on meeting and even anticipating the needs of its customers,” says William Wright, President, Lymtech Scientific. “The G7 wipe gives our customers an effective product and one that helps them to meet their corporate goals of environmental responsibility.”

The G7 wipe, which is made of 100% U.S.-grown cotton, capitalizes on natural properties of cotton that are essential in cleanroom maintenance. “Cotton is naturally static dissipative and bio-degradable,” explains Wright. “This feature is critical to a range of industries, such as electronics manufacturing, where electrostatic discharges can be detrimental.” The inherent absorbency of cotton is also cited as a product benefit. “Cotton fibers are hollow,” explains Jan O’Regan, Manager of Nonwovens for Cotton Incorporated. “This facet of cotton allows the G7 wipes ability to absorb six times their weight.”

Lymtech, which has built its reputation on quality products and customized solutions, anticipated customer demand for more environmentally-friendly products and sought solutions. “We wanted to offer our clients a product that worked in the cleanroom and within green corporate policies,” says Wright. “Synthetic blend wipes perpetuate dependence on petroleum; wood-based fibers are natural, but deplete forests. Cotton was the perfect fit – a natural and sustainable fiber with built-in performance benefits.”

The G7 wipes can also be tailored to meet a variety of end uses. “At Lymtech, we’re in the business of helping our customers’ contamination control businesses,” says Wright. “We can customize the G7 wipes to specific sheet and roll sizes plus exact packaging specifications, including delivering the product in center-feed dispensers with the client’s own cleaning formula.”

To promote the G7 wipes, Lymtech will be featuring the Natural™ Seal of Cotton trademark on outer packaging and promotional materials. The trademark, a variation on the familiar Seal of Cotton, was introduced in 2007, as a way for manufacturers of 100% U.S. cotton products to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. “We are delighted that Lymtech’s G7 product will bear our Natural mark,” says O’Regan. “Lymtech is a solutions-based company that appreciates not only the natural qualities of cotton fiber, but the environmental gains made by the U.S. cotton industry over the past 30 years.”

About Lymtech Scientific

Lymtech Scientific®, a division of the John R Lyman Co., developed one of the country's first cleanroom packaging facilities (1970) in response to the needs of a growing electronics industry for wiping products suitable for use in critical environments.

Today, we are one of the largest and most advanced in-house facilities in the industry providing a multitude of superior products for the control of contamination in a broad range of industries, including wafer fabrication, nanotechnology, electronics, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, semi-conductor manufacturing, nuclear-related and a growing list of new innovative technologies. Our Mission is to provide superior products and excellent customer service with total customer satisfaction in mind.

About Cotton Incorporated

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The Program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton.


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