Are you using the latest and greatest MILLNet™ program?

MILLNet 4.5 software has arrived.

Cotton Incorporated is pleased to announce the latest version of MILLNet Software. Version 4.5 of MILLNet software now includes an EDI translator and several other key improvements. MILLNet can now incorporate two dimensional (2D) bar codes; giving mills a whole new level of control over inventory. Portable printer options are also available for even greater speed and accuracy when receiving new shipments. MILLNet 4.5 software has an improved scales interface, and a means to remote link the handheld scanner for more convenient warehouse operation.

Do you find yourself switching between QRNet32™ software and MILLNet software several times a day?

The O'Neil® portable thermal label printer and the Motorola MC9090 handheld scanner.

One of the long awaited and anticipated new features is the merging of QRNet32 software into the MILLNet software through the addition of an EDI translator function. The MILLNet EDI translator complies with ANSI X12 standards the same as QRNet32 software. Users will no longer have the need to switch between MILLNet and QRNet32 software programs to download, read, or import and export EDI files.

Are you looking for more control of your laydowns as they're pulled from the warehouse?

The ability to incorporate two dimensional (2D) bar codes with the Motorola MC9090 handheld scanner is one of the key improvements in the updated MILLNet software. One dimensional (1D) bar codes are capable of having only one data set per barcode, usually the mill bale number or the category code. In MILLNet software, historically two 1D bar codes were used to place the mill bale number and the category code on one bale tag. Using 2D bar codes allows for both the mill bale number and the category code to be stored in one bar code. Another advantage with 2D bar codes is the ability to store some of the high volume instrument properties of a bale in the bar code. This allows entire laydowns to be uploaded to the scanner gun including the position and averages of each bale, which may eliminate the need to print pick sheets. Another advantage is having the specific high volume instrument data to exchange bales in a laydown without the need to return to the MILLNet computer to transfer the substitute bale, or to reload the pick. It can all be done with the handheld scanner in the warehouse, by simply scanning the replacement bale into the laydown.

Have you ever thought it would be much easier to print bale tags as the bales were coming off the truck?

The Printing bale tags has never been easier!

With the O'Neil® portable thermal label printer, users can now scan a bale's PBI number and print a mill bale tag as the bale arrives at the mill warehouse. Using this method in receiving cotton has the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of incoming shipments and reduce the amount of human error in regards to matching PBI bale tags with the mill bale tags.

Need a wireless scales interface?

MILLNet™ software also has a new scales interface that allows the Motorola MC9090 handheld scanner to record bale weights using a Bluetooth link to your single bale scale. The interface has been designed to work for mills using a clamp truck and scales in tandem.

Do you have to bring the scanner back into the office area every time you need to upload picks from MILLNet software?

With the new remote scanner feature this is no longer an issue. A computer and the scanner gun in the warehouse can be networked with a computer, likely located in a different office or area of the plant, with MILLNet software loaded. Picks and laydowns can then be uploaded and downloaded remotely to the handheld scanner attached to the warehouse computer. The remote computer in the warehouse needs only to have the MILLNet handheld scanner host module loaded.

How do you get MILLNet 4.5 software?

All of these improvements with the same user friendly interface make MILLNet 4.5 software the industry's premier mill management software package. For more information on all of the benefits that MILLNet 4.5 software has to offer please contact an EFS® System customer service representative by E-mail or by calling 919-678-2508 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.


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