Dissemination of Data

USDA Data Dissemination

USDA disseminates data in two formats: (1) official classification information and (2) statistical information regarding quality, volume, and pricing.

Dissemination of classification data is managed by the Cotton and Tobacco Program’s Information Technology Division. Cotton classification data are available to ginners or their authorized agents as computer data files or printed documents. Computer-generated requests transmitted via the Internet or by Microsoft Windows telecommunications software give customers immediate access to data upon classification.

The data are then available to subsequent owners of the cotton, primarily merchants and manufacturers, through the Cotton and Tobacco Program’s National Database. This database contains classification data for the current crop and the crops for the past four years. Access to classification data is available by computer-generated request, but only to the current owner of the cotton or the owner’s authorized agent. For information on obtaining classification data, visit the National Database website at www.ams.usda.gov/cnndb or contact USDA at CottonIT@ams. usda.gov.

The Cotton and Tobacco Program’s Market News Division publishes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports on crop quality statistics for both Upland and American Pima cotton. The reports include the number of bales classed and the distributions of color grade, leaf grade, staple length, micronaire, fiber strength, length uniformity, extraneous matter, and high volume instrument trash. Quality reports and other Cotton Market News Reports are available on the Internet at http://www. ams.usda.gov/AMSv1.0/cnmnreports. For additional information about Market News publications, contact USDA at CottonMN@ams.usda.gov.

Cotton Incorporated’s Cotton Resource Management Tools

Cotton Incorporated’s Engineered Fiber Selection® (EFS®) Cotton Management System™ software allows the industry to use cotton classing data to consistently create the best-quality yarn.

MILLNet™ software enables mills to easily manage the natural variables of cotton — micronaire, strength, length, and other high volume instrument properties — to produce consistent and uniform laydowns. As a result, the mill has the potential to produce higher-quality yarn and fabric, reduce overhead costs, and increase productivity with a seamless flow of data from cotton buyers to sellers.

EFS®-USCROP™ software offers cotton buyers a tool to make informed purchasing decisions by providing the data for the entire U.S. crop weekby- week during ginning season. Users have the ability to view the U.S. cotton crop by selecting the specific fiber properties and ranges desired. Knowing what the crop has to offer as a whole will help users make the correct choices when buying cotton.

For more information, contact Cotton Incorporated’s Fiber Competition Division. To contact a customer support representative, call (919) 678-2508 between 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (EST) or send E-mail.

Cotton Incorporated’s Engineered Fiber Selection® software helps mills produce uniform laydowns for high-quality yarns.


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