Successful cotton resource management in all areas of day-to-day mill operations is critical for mills in today's global economy. MILLNet software is a key to that success. Using the advanced tools in MILLNet Software, a mill can manage all aspects of their cotton spinning processes.

A mill can easily manage the natural variables of cotton with Cotton Incorporated's MILLNet program to produce consistent and uniform laydowns. As a result, the mill has the potential to produce higher quality yarn and fabric giving them an edge over their competition.

Inventory management is easy with the MILLNet program. Cotton inventory and shipping management tools allow mills to keep smaller inventories, thus lowering overhead cost. MILLNet software also provides mills the tools to effectively manage cotton's natural properties such as micronaire, strength, length, and other high volume instrument properties. Using high volume instrument data, MILLNet software categorizes bales with similar properties that can be used to produce consistent and uniform laydowns. How does this help reduce overhead cost? The software takes the guess work out of purchasing cotton so you purchase only the cotton you need for your end products.

MILLNet software improves cotton data transfer and allows cotton buyers and sellers to increase productivity with a seamless flow of data. A cotton buyer at a mill can easily review and accept cotton high volume instrument data from a merchant using MILLNet's data translation capability. Mills have the option of loading high volume instrument data directly from a number of other sources including a high volume instrument line, ASCII file, CFIB databases or the USDA. This means less time spent reviewing data and more time knowing exactly what you'll be receiving in your next shipment of cotton.

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