EFS® Fiber/Yarn Sourcing Directory

Click on category tab (yarn, fabric, or merchants) to jump to a list of EFS licensees that can provide your needs.

Yarn and fabric manufacturers can be sorted by Company or Country by clicking the appropriate button.

To obtain detailed company and contact information select a specific company. Specific information on contacting them via web link or email will appear.

Note: the Merchant tab will give you a list of merchants who can provide electronic data interchange (EDI) documents.

Cotton Incorporated’s Engineered Fiber Selection (EFS®) System is the world’s leading cotton management system for producing consistently high-quality yarns, which is essential for producing consistently high-quality fabrics. That's why industry leaders all over the globe will use the EFS® System Software to process millions of cotton bales annually! If you want to purchase cotton fibers, yarns or fabrics from EFS® System licensed users, click on the appropriate tab.

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