EFS® System Conferences

EFS System Conferences were held from 1988-2008. The first year the conference was held, the EFS System was in its sixth year of operation, and the fewer than 15 mills using EFS System software processed slightly more than 1.5 million bales of cotton. Today, there are 47 mill licensees processing over five million bales. EFS System Conferences have been one of the industry's most recognized sources of information. The primary purpose of the conference was to highlight EFS System software, but it also highlighted valuable information for growers, ginners and merchants. Attendees received important updates on the worldwide cotton market, the latest developments in EFS System software, USDA Cotton Program updates and information regarding HVI® testing and fiber quality, and advancements in both agricultural and textile research.

Conference Proceedings

The papers presented at each conference were gathered on a compact disc titled "EFS System Conference Proceedings" and were made available to attendees of the following year's EFS System Conference. Conference papers were also available for downloading from our Web site. Conference papers that are still relevant to today's business practices are still available for you to download here.


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