Sample Packaging and Labeling

1. Fold paper bags closed

2. No staples, paper clips,
rubber bands

3. Include master sample list

4. Barcode labels are required using the format described in the packaging enclosure form.


Improper packaging and labeling of samples make it difficult to track data. Our HVI® machines require use of USDA Classing style barcodes. Use of any kind of closure on paper bags can result in unwanted contamination in the sample (metal staples do end up inside instrumentation).

Typical brown paper bag - lunch sized. Approximately 10 inches long, 4 inches wide.
Approximate size of 10 grams of cotton
To close bag fold top down several times. Do not use rubber bands, staples or any other material to close bags as they can become a contaminant that harms testing equipment.
For HVI only testing a minimum of 10 grams of cotton is needed. When both HVI and AFIS testing are requested approximately 30 grams of cotton is needed. AFIS only testing needs minimum of 8 grams of cotton. Sending oversized cotton samples takes more space in shipping containers often requiring more boxes to ship all the samples. The lab receives roughly 40,000 samples a year with limited storage space. Please make efforts to send only the amount of cotton that is needed for testing.

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