Reliable Distribution Channels

Cotton is the leading cash crop in the United States and more than 50% of the WCS produced each year is sold specifically for livestock feed. Of this amount, about half is distributed by companies associated with cottonseed oil mills, and the other half enters the feed trade directly from cotton ginners. As with corn, soybeans and other feedstuffs, traditional forces of supply and demand determine the price of WCS. Marketers of WCS include commodity dealers, brokers, feed dealers, truckers and others; and distribution channels continue to evolve every year. In the past, some mild swings occurred in the WCS market, largely the result of inadequate storage capacities, particularly in the Southeast and the West. But as storage capacities increased, price and availability of WCS stabilized. And as more storage capacity has been created throughout the country, the market has become increasingly reliable. To find a source near you, visit the Cotton Incorporated Web site, or call 800-334-5868. You can also visit Purchasers of feed grade WCS are advised to deal only with reputable distributors and merchandisers who are experienced in the business of storing and handling WCS.


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