Emergency Storage

Ginners have successfully stored dry seed in all types of buildings for short periods. Seed cotton modules or cotton bales stacked along the edges to form walls in machinery sheds have been used to store cottonseed. Old gin buildings can also be used. Module builders have been tried, but the sides of the cottonseed modules will slough unless they are restrained. A module builder can be lined with a plastic bag which is supported with straps in the center as well as around the circumference and used to store dry seed for short times. These bags cost about $100 and store about 25 tons. Storage in modules requires significant labor to fill and to load the seed from the module. A module of cottonseed is too heavy for a module truck or trailer to move. Total costs would be about $10 per ton. Since aeration is impossible and the seeds are compacted, wet seed would be damaged quickly in a module.


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