Characteristics of Cottonseed

Specific Count
Whole Seed  
Loose on Conveyor20100
<24 ft deep2580321,800-2,400
24-50 ft deep2775 
>50ft deep3070
Machine Delinted3557442,400-3,200
Acid Delinted34-375442-464,800-5,600
Meal (extracted)3853 
Table 1. Basic properties of cottonseed and cottonseed products.

The bulk density of gin-run cottonseed averages about 25 lb/ft3 and requires about 80 ft3 of storage space per ton. Cottonseed is hygroscopic and therefore absorbs moisture from or gives up moisture to the surrounding air. Storage temperatures below 60°F and 10% moisture content wet basis (mc w.b.) provide best storage conditions.

Whole, fuzzy cottonseed has some unique characteristics which make it difficult to handle with common grain handling facilities. Unlike grain, cottonseed has a variable angle of repose. The angle of repose when an unrestricted pile of cottonseed is formed is about 45°. However, after the seeds have settled, they will bridge — an indication that the angle of repose is greater than 90°.

Cottonseed may be handled by belts, screw conveyors, or pneumatics. Pneumatics is the most effective way to load seed into storage facilities (Shaw & Franks, 1963). The basic handling and storage characteristics of whole cottonseed and cottonseed products are shown in Table 1.


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