, a service of the Context Network, will display and provide tools for cotton growers to compare yields and fiber quality of new cotton varieties. Data have been entered for 2012 and 2013 through a partnership of Cotton Incorporated and the Cooperative Extension Cotton Specialists. The data are available free-of-charge to cotton growers through a contract between Cotton Incorporated and SeedMatrix™.

The advent of transgenic varieties fundamentally changed the availability of information to growers about the field performance of varieties when they are first sold. In many instances, no public test data is available on privately-released varieties in their first year of sales. A recent Cotton Incorporated survey of U.S. cotton growers identified “objective evaluation of new varieties” as a very important research issue.

Cotton Incorporated addressed this need with a program conducted in partnership with the Co-operative Extension Cotton Specialists. New cotton varieties were evaluated in replicated, large-plot trials on grower fields in the Southeast, Mid-South, and Southwest. Our approach was to compare 10-12 new and standard commercial varieties at each location.


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