Mississippi State Support Committee Bylaws

The mission of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program is to increase demand for cotton and improve the profitability of cotton production through research and promotion. The Mississippi State Support Committee (hereafter, 'the Committee') helps Cotton Incorporated fulfill this mission by selecting and recommending for funding research projects that address the needs of Mississippi cotton growers. The Committee's yearly budget is a portion of the total value of all Mississippi cotton bales as enumerated by the Cotton Board. Cotton Incorporated staff advises the Committee and administers the annual budget. Committee members and advisors serve voluntarily without compensation.


The Committee shall represent Mississippi cotton growers and members shall themselves be producers of U.S. Upland cotton in Mississippi who reside in Mississippi. Members shall be:

Mississippi Directors and Alternates of the Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors
Mississippi Directors and Alternates of the Cotton Board of Directors


The Committee shall have three officers – a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be selected from the Committee members. All officers shall serve a three (3) year term and may serve consecutive terms. The officers will be selected at the annual review of projects by a majority of the voting members present.

Officers’ Duties

The Chair shall convene and preside over meetings of the Committee. The Chair shall appoint any subcommittees necessary to aid in the operation of the Committee. The Chair or Vice-Chair will attend all subcommittee meetings or delegate the Secretary to attend the meeting and provide a written report of the proceedings to the Chair.

The Vice-Chair shall preside over meetings of the Committee in the absence of, or at the direction of, the Chair.

The Secretary, in cooperation with Cotton Incorporated staff, shall be responsible for:

1) Organizing meetings;
2) Maintaining and distributing reports of Committee meetings;
3) Distributing requests for project proposals;
4) Circulating project proposals for Committee review;
5) Notifying project funding recipients;
6) Acting as a meeting facilitator; and
7) Other duties requested by the Chair or Vice-Chair


The Committee may request, as needed, advisor(s) to provide counsel and expertise in the selection and continuation of various new and continuing research projects. Advisors will be selected from, but not limited to:

Former Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Board Directors and Alternates
Cotton Incorporated staff member(s)
Cotton Board staff members(s)
National Cotton Council staff member(s)
Mississippi Farm Bureau
Staplcotn staff
Scientists, researchers, specialists, and crop consultants to the cotton industry


The Committee shall meet at least once each year to review projects funded in the current budget year, select projects to be funded for the upcoming budget year, and select officers upon completion of their terms or in the case of vacancies. The Chair may call additional meetings to conduct necessary business of the Committee. All meetings of the Committee will be scheduled to enable Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Board representatives to attend. Subcommittees may meet as necessary.

All members are expected to attend meetings of the Committee. A quorum must be present to conduct business of the Committee. A quorum consists of ½ + 1 of the voting members, and must include the Chair or Vice-Chair.


Bylaw revisions may be approved at any meeting by a positive vote of at least two-thirds of the total voting membership of the Committee.


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