References and Additional Resources

Section 1 – Why Irrigate Cotton

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Section 2 – Why schedule Irrigation

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Section 3 – Initiating and Terminating Irrigation for the Season

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Section 4 – Cotton Water Requirements

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Section 5 – Water-Sensitivity of Cotton Growth Stages

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Section 6 – Sensor-Based Scheduling

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Section 7 – Irrigation Scheduling Tools

There are several weather-based scheduling programs now available including online data in a majority of cotton producing states, traveling from west to east:

• California: California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS)

• Arizona: Arizona Irrigation Scheduling System

• West Texas: Texas High Plains ET Network

• South Texas: Crop Weather Program

• Oklahoma: Mesonet

• Arkansas: Irrigation Scheduling Program

• Missouri: Woodruff charts and Show Me Irrigator

• Alabama: MoisMIS2020

• Mississippi: Mississippi Irrigation Scheduling Tool

• Tennessee: Management Of Irrigation Systems in Tennessee

• Georgia: – Irrigator Pro

Section 8 – Management Considerations for Irrigated Cotton

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Section 9 – Irrigation Systems Overview

Drip Irrigation

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Surface Irrigation

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Center Pivots

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Irrigation and Water Quality

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