Long-term growth potential

Less than 100,000 tons of EasiFlo will likely be produced in the first couple years, with a gradual increase to 500,000 tons over the next five years, Wedegaertner estimates. That equates to roughly 17% of the 3 million tons of cottonseed currently being fed. "Ultimately, 10 to 15 years down the road most of the cottonseed in the Southeast that goes into feed will be coated as the cost of the coating process goes down," he says. "It just makes more sense."

As demand for EasiFlo increases, cottonseed growers will likely see greater price stability. "We're not going to see $80 cottonseed anymore," Wedegaertner predicts.

He adds, "The whole reason we're doing this is to increase cottonseed usage by getting it into places it couldn't go before. Cotton growers will make a little more money. It's going to be more of a high-end speciality product fed to high-producing dairy cows, which is really where it belongs."


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