2014 Farm Bill - Farm Program and Insurance Decision Aid


Launch WebsiteThe Agricultural Food & Policy Center at Texas A & M is making this version available to you now so that you can gather your information, enter the data, and analyze your options to gain a familiarity with the tool and the output.

Once you have established an account, input your data, and the version containing the implementation rules from FSA is made available later this year, we will send a message to the registered email address with information on how to acccess the official version. It is essential that you analyze your choices with the version containing the implementation rules developed by FSA before making your sign-up decisions. Your information will already be in place; you can log in with your existing account information and run the new version without having to re-enter any data.

This information and tool are provided for educational use only. While we take responsibility for all calculations, we also remind users that the results are highly dependent upon their assumed commodity prices over the lifetime of the farm bill. Users are urged to analyze their choices over a wide range of possible future prices.


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