State Support Program Projects

2017 Texas State Support Program
07-947TX Texas Panhandle Cotton Variety Trials
  Bell, Texas A&M AgriLife

08-293TX Cotton Management Systems For The Rolling Plains Of Texas
  Kimura, Texas A&M AgriLife

08-313TX High Plains Cotton Profitability Project
  Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife

09-501TX Premier Cotton Extension Education Program To Enable Producers To Effectively Manage Technology
  Nusser, Texas A&M AgriLife

09-502TX Integrated Pest Management For Stink Bug Management In The Coastal Bend Of Texas
  Biles, Texas A&M AgriLife

11-810TX Effects Of Crop Rotation And Irrigation Rate On Cotton Infested With Verticillium Wilt.
  Wheeler, Texas A&M AgriLife

12-118TX Spectroscopic Approach To Study Cotton Fiber Maturity
  Abidi, Texas Tech University

13-461TX Assessment Of Drought And Disease Resistance Of Cottons With Different Genetic Backgrounds
  Burke, USDA, ARS

13-463TX Improving East Texas Cotton
  Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife

13-464TX Improving East Texas Cotton
  Hague, Texas A&M AgriLife


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