State Support Program Projects

2017 Tennessee State Support Program
13-584TN Tennessee Foundation For Agriculture In The Classroom
  Fleming, Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation

13-589TN Cotton Insect Pest Management
  Stewart, University of Tennessee

15-650TN Investigating Potential Applications Of Unmanned Aerial Systems (uass) For Cotton Production In Tennessee
  Buschermohle, University of Tennessee

15-651TN Establishing Cover Crops For Sustainable Cotton Production
  Duncan, University of Tennessee

15-917TN Cotton Extension And Applied Research Program For Tennessee
  Raper, University of Tennessee

15-933TN Cotton Pathology - Extension And Applied Research Activities On Diseases Of Cotton
  Young Kelly, University of Tennessee

16-276TN Linking Drought Stress To Lint Yield: Characterizing Experienced Drought Stress While Optimizing Cotton Irrigation Timing/amount
  Shekoofa, University of Tennessee

16-281TN Termination Of Cotton Irrigation In Variable Soils And Variable Rate Irrigation On Producer Fields Using Speed Control
  Leib, University of Tennessee

16-428TN Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Management
  Steckel, University of Tennessee


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