State Support Program Projects

2017 South Carolina State Support Program
12-308SC Evaluation Of Elite Conventional Cotton Germplasm In South Carolina
  Campbell, USDA, ARS

16-343SC Effect Of Variety On Populations Of And Injury From Thrips In Cotton
  Greene, Clemson University

16-348SC Survey And Management Of Ppo-Resistant Palmer Amaranth In Cotton
  Marshall, Clemson University

17-003SC Field Testing Of The Clemson Electro-Mechanical Controller For Adjusting Pump Stroke On-The-Go
  Khalilian, Clemson University

17-004SC A Variable-Rate Nutrient Management Technique For Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
  Khalilian, Clemson University

17-018SC Effect Of Planting Date On Populations Of Thrips In Cotton (year 3): Data To Validate A Model Continuation & For Predicting Temporal Susceptibility To Thrips
  Greene, Clemson University

17-020SC Meotic Manipulations To Foster Genetic Diversity In The Elite Cotton Germplasm To Meet The Future Breeding Needs
  Rustgi, Clemson University

17-022SC Turning Perennial Cotton Into An Annual: A Novel Strategy To Increase Cotton Fiber Yield By Remobilization Of Reserve
  Rustgi, Clemson University


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