State Support Program Projects

2017 Mississippi State Support Program
09-491MS Providing Education To Mississippi Cotton Growers On Agricultural, Land And Water Resource, And Environmental Issues
  Morgan, Delta Council

11-832MS Managing Insect Pests Of Cotton In Mississippi
  Catchot, Mississippi State University

11-835MS Farm Families Of Mississippi Ag Image Campaign
  Ferguson, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation

12-170MS Expansion Of The Cotton Verification Program For Mississippi Producers
  Dodds, Mississippi State University

14-289MS Delta Agriculture Weather Project
  Silva, Mississippi State University

16-271MS Ms Cotton Industry Global Competiveness
  Lee, Mississippi State University

17-522MS Testing Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles For Palmer Amaranth Detection
  Czarnecki, Mississippi State University

17-524MS Optimizing Cotton Production Through Cover Crops And Crop Rotation
  Ebelhar, Mississippi State University

17-525MS Agronomic And Economic Implications For Cotton In Multi-Crop Rotations-Evaluating Systems In Long-Term Established Rotation Areas
  Ebelhar, Mississippi State University

17-526MS Row-Crop Irrigation Science Extension And Research (riser) Program
  Pringle, Mississippi State University


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