State Support Program Projects

2017 Missouri State Support Program
15-138MO Evaluating The Varietal Differences On In-Season Sensor Measurements And The Impact On Midseason N Recommendations.
  Phillips-Jones, University of Missouri

15-139MO Suppression Of Root-Knot Nematodes With Cover Crops For Cotton Production
  Phillips-Jones, University of Missouri

16-262MO Insect Management In Mo Cotton
  Jones, University of Missouri

16-269MO Cotton Irrigation Scheduling Based On Rooting Depth And Soil Health
  Stevens, University of Missouri

16-273MO Development Of Cotton Dd60 Crop Modeling Software For Missouri
  Rhine, University of Missouri

16-396MO Root Knot Nematode Management In Resistant And Susceptible Varieties
  Phillips-Jones, University of Missouri

16-398MO Screening For Potential New Herbicide Resistant Weed Species
  Heiser, University of Missouri

17-520MO Glufosinate
  Heiser, University of Missouri

17-521MO Droplet Size And Carrier Volume Effects On Defoliation
  Phillips-Jones, University of Missouri


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