State Support Program Projects

2017 Arizona State Support Program
07-151AZ Sustaining The Successful Whitefly Management Program In Arizona
  Li, University of Arizona

11-857AZ Improving Insect Management Strategies In Arizona Cotton
  Ellsworth, University of Arizona

12-168AZ Dissemination Of Weather Related Information For Arizona Cotton Producers
  Brown, University of Arizona

12-169AZ Field-Scale Movement Of Lygus Bugs In Arizona Cotton
  Mostafa, University of Arizona

15-803AZ Arizona Upland Cotton Advanced Strains Testing Program
  Norton, University of Arizona

16-387AZ Af36 Prevail: Optimization Of A New Acrpc Product For Limiting Aflatoxin Contaimination Of Arizona Cottonseed.
  Jaime-Garcia, University of Arizona

16-390AZ Controlling Cotton Root Rot Through Improved Fungicide Application Techniques
  Siemens, University of Arizona

16-392AZ Dicamba (engenia) And 2,4-D+cholina Interations With Glufosinate (liberty) On The Control Of Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth.
  McCloskey, University of Arizona


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