State Support Program Projects

2017 Alabama State Support Program
12-125AL Commercial Cotton Varieties Response To The Fusarium Wilt - Root-Knot Nematode Disease Complex And To Verticillium Wilt
  Lawrence, Auburn University

14-126AL Enhancing Cotton Variety Selection
  Cutts, Auburn University

16-241AL Reniform And Root-Knot Nematode Management Investigations
  Lawrence, Auburn University

16-367AL Potassium Rate And Source Effect On Target Leaf Spot Region : Southwest Alabama
  Cutts, Auburn University

16-375AL Determine The Role Of Salicylic Acid In The Nematode-Induced Hypersensitive Responses.
  Park, Auburn University

17-543AL Potassium Fertilization For Southeastern Cotton: New Genotypes, New Questions
  Guertal, Auburn University

17-587AL Breeding Cotton For Yield And Quality In Alabama
  Koebernick, Auburn University


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