Guidelines for Producer State Support Program

Producer State Support Program Requirements

  1. Funding and technical support are provided by the Cotton Research and Promotion Program as conducted by Cotton Incorporated and administered by the Cotton Board through the Cotton Incorporated Support Program(s). Therefore, all Request for Proposals (RFP) should so state.

  2. Proposals received from a Producer State Support Program RFP should be forwarded to Cotton Incorporated for review. In their review, the appropriate Cotton Incorporated staff should comment on the appropriateness of the research, possibility of duplication, technical feasibility, status of the project if a renewal is proposed, and the amount of funding requested. An explanation must be given by staff to justify a recommendation of “to fund” or “not to fund” a proposal.

  3. The Producer State Support Committee will select and finalize all proposals.

  4. The Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated staff advisors to the Producer State Support Program Committee(s) or their representative should be present at Producer State Support Program Committee meetings.

  5. Funding for programs should be on an individual project basis and not a lump sum transmitted to an intermediary organization. Approved projects will be funded for one year at a time, but Cotton Incorporated encourages multi-year planning for projects that require more than one year to complete.

  6. As directed through a resolution by the Cotton Board, performing institutions are not allowed to charge indirect or overhead costs on research projects funded by the Producer State Support Program.

  7. Cooperative Agreements or Contracts will be initiated by Cotton Incorporated for projects chosen by the Producer State Support Program Committees, and these Agreements will be subject to the same handling and processing within Cotton Incorporated as are Core Budget Project Agreements.

  8. Producer State Support Committees may elect to partner with other states to fund coordinated, regional research or if appropriate to fund cooperators at institutions in states other than their own.

  9. All Cooperative Agreements or Contracts should be made directly between Cotton Incorporated and the performing institution unless prior agreements have been formalized.

  10. Each principle investigator, as specified in the Agreement or Contract, will submit progress reports to Cotton Incorporated and if requested, copies to State Support Program Committee/Subcommittees and others designated by the Support ProgramCommittee/Subcommittees.

  11. Acknowledgement must be given to the Cotton Research and Promotion Program as conducted by Cotton Incorporated and administered by the Cotton Board on all publications and all oral presentations where the results of a project are discussed.

  12. Program funds should be used for projects and not the purchase of assets, unless the purchase of assets is specified in the original project plan and budget or is approved in a subsequent addendum.

  13. If assets must be purchased to support a project, the assets become the property of Cotton Incorporated.


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