Guidelines for Producer State Support Program

Support Program Committee
Organization, Function and Responsibilities

Structure and Function of Producer State Support Committees

Producer State Support Program Executive Committee: Cotton Incorporated

Function:Provide oversight and direction to the Producer State Support Programs.
Members:Cotton Incorporated Directors as appointed by the Chairman of Cotton Incorporated's Board of Directors.
  1. Adjudicate disputes arising from committee issues.
  2. Report on the activities and progress of the State Support Programs to Cotton Incorporated and the Cotton Boards.
  3. Oversee and coordinate individual State Support Program Committees.
  4. Facilitate, where appropriate, multi-state, regional research projects to maximize utilization of State Support research dollars and limit duplication.

Producer State Support Program Committees

Function:Develop research programs targeting the producer segment of the industry.
  1. State Directors of Cotton Incorporated's Board
  2. State Members of the Cotton Board's Board
  3. Others:

    1. Producer(s) and ginner/producer(s) who are not on Boards of either the Cotton Board or Cotton Incorporated
    2. Members of state Certified Cotton Commissions or Boards
    3. Representatives from Certified Grower Organizations
Advisory Members:
  1. Cotton Incorporated staff member(s)
  2. Cotton Board staff member(s)
  3. Producer representative(s)
  4. Industry representative(s)
  5. State & federal research institutions representatives
  6. State Extension Cotton Specialist
  1. Work in conjunction with the Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated to identify strategic research priorities.
  2. Formulate specific project and program initiatives.
  3. Assign funding and relative priority levels to project and program initiatives.

It is recommended that each Producer State Support Program Committee elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary to serve as officers and develop a simple set of bylaws or guidelines to govern activities of the committee. It is also recommended that all members should be eligible to hold office, but the committees should elect those who are deemed most capable to administer the Producer State Support Program. It is also suggested that in those cases where the Producer State Support Program Committee is of considerable size, an Executive Committee and/or Subcommittees be appointed or elected to expedite the operations of the Producer State Support Program Committee.


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