North Carolina State Support Committee Bylaws

NC Cotton Producers Association, Inc. Research Committee Charter Approved By Cotton Quality Committee on August 31, 2005 and by NC Cotton Producers Association, Inc. Board on January 17, 2006

  1. The Cotton Quality Improvement Committee will be restructured as a standing committee of the NC Cotton Producers Association and be known as the NC Cotton Producers Association, Inc. Research Committee.

  2. Committee voting membership will consist of persons who are involved directly in the production of North Carolina cotton. Membership will be representative as practically possible of geographic distribution of cotton production and will include non voting ex officio representatives from NCSU and Cotton, Inc. Specifically, the committee will be comprised of the following members:

    - All North Carolina Cotton Inc. Directors
    - All North Carolina Cotton Board Directors
    - 2 members from the Northern Coastal Plain
    - 1 members from the Tidewater
    - 1 members from the Southern Coastal Plain
    - 1 member from the Piedmont
    - Chair—Executive Vice-president of NCCPA
    - Vice-chair—President of NCCPA

    Non Voting Ex Offico Members
    - NCSU-CALS Dean - Secretary
    - NCSU-CALS Cotton Extension Specialist
    - Cotton, Inc.

  3. The president and executive committee of NCCPA will officially appoint members to the committee

  4. Initial appointments of the 5 appointed grower members will consist of 2 members appointed for one term of 3 years and 3 members appointed for two terms of 3 years. Subsequently, new appointments or reappointments will occur every three years.

  5. Members may serve a maximum of two 3-year terms. They are eligible to serve again after being off the committee for one year term.

  6. Unexpired terms: in the event that a position comes open for any reason before the end of a term, the president and executive committee will appoint a member to fill that position. Anyone filling an unexpired term is eligible to complete that term and serve two additional 3-year terms.

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