Alabama State Support Committee Bylaws

Cotton Incorporated's State Support Program budget is allocated among cotton-producing states in proportion to their cotton production. The function of the Alabama State Support Committee is to work in conjunction with Cotton Incorporated's Agricultural Research Division to identify priorities and fund a research program that will address the specific needs of Alabama cotton growers.

I. Meetings: The Committee shall meet to review the previous year's research program and to allocate funding for the next year. The committee must meet at least once each year but may hold additional meetings as needed and as determined by the Chair. Meetings will be scheduled in cooperation with Cotton Incorporated staff.

II. Membership: The Committee shall be composed of both voting and non-voting members. Voting members of the committee must be involved directly in the production and processing of United States Upland cotton. Voting members will consist of:

• State Directors & Alternates of the Cotton Incorporated Board of Directors
• State Directors & Alternates of the Cotton Board Board of Directors
• Alabama Cotton Commission Members

A quorum shall be one-half plus one (I/2 + 1) of the voting members.

The Committee shall be composed of non-voting members who will serve in an advisory capacity. Advisory members will consist of:

• Cotton Incorporated representative
• Cotton Board representative
• State extension cotton specialist
• National Cotton Council representative
• Southern Cotton Growers representative
• Alabama Farmers Federation Representative

III. Attendance: All voting members are expected to attend meetings. In the case of an unavoidable absence, an alternate may be designated by the absent member to act with the full power of the member. A proxy is used in constituting a quorum for a meeting.

IV. Officers: There shall be three officers of the Committee: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Chair and Vice Chair shall serve a 1 year term. Recommendations for the Chair will be made by the Nominating Committee and voted on by the full committee. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be approved by a majority of the voting members present. The Secretary's position will be filled on a voluntary basis. The Secretary's term shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

Duties of the officers:

• The Chair shall convene and preside over meetings of the Committee.
• The Vice Chair shall preside over meetings of the Committee in absence of the Chair.
• The Secretary in conjunction with Cotton Incorporated staff shall be responsible for keeping records of the Committee's actions; recording the minutes of Committee meetings; organizing meetings; sending out meeting announcements and reports of committee meetings; arranging for an appropriate Request for Proposals and distributing proposals for review; and acting as a facilitator for the Chair and the Vice-Chair.

V. Revisions: Revisions of these bylaws may be made by a positive vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership at a regular meeting.


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