Survey Methodology

The Crop Production and Pest Management Guideline formed the basis of an extensive survey instrument consisting of approximately 60 questions, many with multiple parts (see Appendix B - Survey). Prior to mailing, in mid-March, 2007, an initial postcard was mailed to 1,548 cotton growers who were selected at random from Cotton Incorporated's membership list of 5,200 southeastern growers. This postcard notified recipients of the pending arrival of the survey one week later. The following week, a packet was mailed to the sample group, containing: a personalized cover letter signed by the individual state SSP Chair noting the importance of completing and returning the survey and promising confidentiality, a copy of the survey instrument and a postage-paid return envelope.

Survey data was entered into an Access database that enabled summarization and further analysis. Appendix B - Survey contains responses to all survey items for all Southeastern region states. The separate state response rates were not sufficiently large that we were able to summarize data by state with any degree of statistical validity, so data presented are summarized at the regional level only.


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