Cotton Varieties

The table below shows grower responses to items about factors in their decisions about which varieties to plant. Specifically, the table depicts the proportion of growers who indicate that a factor is very important.

While yield is clearly the most important factor overall when growers are making varietal decisions, the importance of other factors may be more clearly observed by exploring a range of specific grower decisions, practices and concerns.

The table below shows the proportion of growers who are currently planting Roundup Ready and Bt cotton. For those who plant each type of cotton, the table also shows the proportion who report increased profits as a result. For those who plant Bt cotton, the overwhelming majority (92%) report that it has decreased their overall use of pesticides. More specifically, 63% of Bt cotton users say it has decreased their use of organophosphates and 79% say it has decreased their use of pyrethroids.

* reflects proportion planting Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready Flex

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