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12-354  Project Manager: P. F. O'Leary


Jeffrey Gore, Mississippi State University

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:    J. Gore, D. Cook, A. Catchot, F. Musser, Mississippi State University; D. Kerns, LSU AgCenter; G. Lorenz, S. Akin, G. Studebaker, University of Arkansas; and S. Stewart, The University of Tennessee

Experiments were conducted across the Mid-South to evaluate insect management strategies in cotton.  In the first objective, multiple experiments were conducted to quantify the impact of various adjuvants on control of multiple insect pests with various insecticides. Adjuvants significantly improved the control of thrips in some situations.  In general, no adjuvant improved control of tarnished plant bug under optimum conditions.  However, in experiments where rainfall or overhead irrigation occurred within 3 hours after application, addition of an adjuvant significantly improved the rainfastness of all insecticides.  In the second objective, the impact of two-spotted spider mite was evaluated on 8 cotton varieties with different leaf trichome densities.  Significant differences were observed in injury among the different varieties.  However, differences were not consistent across varieties and no conclusions can be drawn about the impact of variety on mite injury.  Additionally, no differences were observed in the percent yield loss between infested and uninfested plots of any variety.  In the third experiment, it did appear that the thiamethoxam based treatments did not perform as well at the imidacloprid based treatments in 2012. The reason for this is uncertain and warrants further investigation.  Additionally, imidacloprid at the stored seed rate of 0.135 mg-ai/seed, did not appear to greatly enhance the performance of Aeris alone.  In the last experiment, applications of insecticides targeting bollworms resulted in less damage and higher yields in dual-gene cottons compared the unsprayed dual-gene cottons.


Project Year: 2012

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