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12-308SC  Project Manager: D. C. Jones


Todd Campbell, USDA-ARS

A trial consisting of 16 elite Pee Dee germplasm lines and 4 conventional cultivars was conducted at the Pee Dee REC near Florence and the Edisto REC near Blackville. The four conventional check cultivars included a high yielding check (DP 393), a high quality check (FM 958), a high yielding and high quality check (UA-48), and a high quality Acala type check (Phytogen 72). Overall, unfavorable weather conditions early in the growing season (May) created a challenging year to evaluate these elite germplasm lines during 2012.  The PDREC trial was planted in early May. Unfortunately, environmental conditions (cloudy and cool weather) coupled with pre-emergent herbicide damage prevented good stands from being achieved. Because of this the PDREC trial was abandoned for 2012. Low seed amounts prevented the trial from being replanted. Unfavorable weather conditions (wet soil) significantly delayed planting of the trial at EREC. The EREC trial was eventually planted on June 18. Fortunately, a third trial was conducted at the NC State University Sandhills Research Station near Jackson Springs, NC. This trial was included because the PI currently conducts drought/water deficit stress research at the location. The NC trial was planted on May 11. Overall, growing conditions were excellent at both trials during July and August. Timely rains provided high yielding conditions.

To date, boll samples have been harvested from the EREC trial. Preliminary yield data have been collected. During the first quarter of 2013, boll samples will be ginned and lint samples sent to Cotton Incorporated for HVI fiber quality analyses. Yield, lint percent, and boll weight data have been collected for the NC trial. Lint samples were sent to Cotton Incorporated for HVI fiber quality analyses in December 2012. In this trial PD 06078 was the highest numerical yielding line and was not statistically different than each of the four check cultivars. PD 06078, PD 05070, PD 05074, PD 05019, and PD 05069 had high lint percents equal to FM 958 and DP 393. PD 07092, PD 06050, PD 07116, PD 07066, and PD 05044 had the highest boll weights equal to the highest check PHY 72. Based upon the data collected and analyzed thus far, PD 06078 is a high yielding germplasm line with high lint percent. Analysis of the 2012 EREC trial along with an analysis of HVI fiber quality will ultimately determine the fate of PD 06078 and other elite Pee Dee experimental germplasm lines. Additional evaluations in subsequent years will ultimately determine if PD 06078 and other elite Pee Dee lines should be released as germplasm lines or commercialized as conventional cultivars.


Project Year: 2012

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