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12-258  Project Manager: E. M. Barnes


Stephen J. Maas, Texas Tech University

The information needed to answer many questions involving agronomic and economic aspects of cotton production can be obtained through traditional field studies. However, field studies are not appropriate or practical when long time periods must be considered, as in developing economic risk assessments, or when conditions in the future must be considered, as in predicting the impact of climate change. For these situations, researchers can rely on mathematical models of crop growth. These models can be run to produce simulations of crop growth and yield for any desired number of years (hundreds, if necessary). The objective of this research is to develop sets of cultivar-specific parameters in the Cotton2K crop growth model for cotton cultivars currently under cultivation in the Texas High Plains.

All work involving the collection of data from field plots of a collaborating Texas Tech physiologist for evaluating the variety-specific parameters in the Cotton2K model was completed as planned. Data were collected for the following cultivars: PHY 499 WRF, DP11R112B2R2, DP12R237B2R2, FM 2989GLB2, PHY 375 WRF, DP1212B2RF, FM 9058F, FM 1944GLB2, FM 9170B2F, DP11R154B2R2, DP1219B2RF, FM 2011GT, FM 2484B2F, DP0912B2RF. These are commercial varieties that are currently grown in the Texas High Plains. These varieties were grown in 4-row plots, with 6 and 12 plants m-2. These plots were irrigated by drip irrigation system (0.25 mm/inch) to prevent water stress.

The following plant characteristics were measured: plant height, number of nodes on main stem, number of squares, number of green bolls and open bolls, plant dry weight (divided into leaves, stems and bolls), leaf area index (LAI), and yield (burrs, seeds, and lint). These measurements were determined based on information provided by the developer of Cotton2K before the start of the growing season. All data have been assembled into a set of master Excel files. These data files have been prepared for analysis and determination of model parameter values in 2013.


Project Year: 2012

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