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12-253  Project Manager: E. M. Barnes


Thomas D. Valco, USDA-ARS

USDA has supported the cotton industry in both production and processing research and outreach programs for many years. With the loss in support funding, some of the activities have been reduced and in some cases, have been eliminated altogether. The Federal Cotton Extension program was one of the only commodity affiliated programs that remained, due to the persistent demands and support of the cotton industry. This position has changed over the years and continues to evolve as levels of federal support are reduced and responsibilities are broadened. The Cotton Technology Transfer and Education Coordinator position was jointly funded by ARS and NIFA, with the primary administrative responsibilities under ARS. For FY 2013, the position was eliminated from NIFA and all funding support will come from ARS, under the Office of Technology Transfer.  While responsibilities for this technology transfer position will be broadened, there will still be a major emphasis on cotton processing as long as industry support is maintained. The purpose of this grant is to provide supplemental travel funding for cotton educational and leadership programs.

Cotton Extension activities for 2012 included; organized and presented "The Cost of Ginning Cotton – 2010 Survey Results", during the cotton ginning program at the Beltwide Cotton Conference (Orlando, FL); reviewed and submitted all Ginning Conference Beltwide papers; participated in the Conservation Cotton and Rice Tillage Conference (Tunica, MS); presented ginning cost information at the Southern Cotton Ginners Association (Memphis, TN) and Arizona Ginners and Cotton Growers Association (Carefree, AZ) annual meetings; participated in the NCC Bale packaging committee (Memphis, TN); and organized and made presentations at the USDA, ARS Gin Schools in Lubbock, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and Stoneville, MS; attended the Cotton Breeders Workshop at Cotton Incorporated in Cary, NC; attended the Southern Cotton Ginners Association Summer Meeting in New Orleans, LA, to discuss current changes in research programs at the Southern Regional Research Center, as a result of the Clemson Lab closing, and helped to organize a tour of the SRRC cotton research for the Southern Cotton Ginners Assn.; worked with cotton researchers and stakeholders to transfer cotton textile processing and fiber measurement equipment from the Clemson Lab to other ARS and University locations; attended the ASABE Meeting in Dallas, TX, where I was the recipient of this year's Mayfield Cotton Engineering Award; conducted the Extension Textile Symposium at Cotton Incorporated and Frontier Mill, Sanford, NC, attended by 23 participants and 13 sponsors and speakers. Worked with stake holders and industry partners to develop educational material to help prevent plastic contamination in cotton and visited several gins to implement operational guidelines for unwrapping round modules. These activities were made possible with the travel funding support from Cotton Incorporated.


Project Year: 2012

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