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12-219  Project Manager: D. C. Jones


Steven S. Hague, Texas AgriLife Research

The initial first season field trials focused on screening potentially resistant lines (Gossypium hirsutum) for resistance to the cotton fleahopper, Pseudatomoscelis seriatus.  Potentially resistant lines were obtained from Dallas AgriLife Extension and are being used as male parents in a backcross scheme with two high yielding lines, 07V-45 and 06WE-14.  These 18 male lines represent 3 families (GH02, GH04, GH07) that showed relatively low fleahopper damage in the previous study by Knutson and Smith (unpublished) and range in hairiness from smooth to hairy to pilose. The two high-yielding genotypes of unknown resistance, 07V-45 and 06WE-14, were also screened.  These genotypes served as female plants during backcrossing.  Plants were screened in both College Station and Corpus Christi in a split-plot, randomized complete block design, with the main effects being insecticide treated or not treated, and the subplot effect being genotype. Within each plot, five plants were mapped every week for five weeks, for a total of 200 plants per location. Variables measured in evaluating resistance included total square loss per plant, percent square loss per plant, and average number of fleahoppers per plant (both nymphs and adults). Preliminary analysis of the data indicates that three families of potentially resistant lines obtained from Dallas AgriLife were significantly more resistant to fleahopper damage than either of the lines of unknown resistance, and that 06WE-14 was more resistant than 07V-45.  However, the three resistant families could not be separated on the basis of percent square loss.  Within the resistant families, pilose and hairy genotypes performed the same and both performed better than smooth genotypes, which could not be distinguished from the more susceptible lines, 06WE-14 and 07V-45.

A Cotton Incorporated Fellow, Ms. Laura Ann McCloud, was supported on this project.


Project Year: 2012

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