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12-154TX  Project Manager: D. C. Jones


Dick L. Auld, Texas Tech University

Our fourth objective was to develop enabling technology to facilitate fiber quality improvement in breeding line development. From 2003 to 2009 a study was done to select divergent fiber quality traits in mutant populations of TAM 94 L-25 and Acala 1517-99 Upland cotton cultivars known to have good fiber quality. High and low selections were made for micronaire, strength, length, and AFIS maturity. The divergent phenotypically stable lines identified by this process should be ideal for both breeding studies and the development of molecular markers specific for these fiber quality characteristics. The selected mutant lines ranged from a mean low fiber length of 1.05 in. to a high of 1.28 in.; low fiber strength mean of 26.6 g/tex to a high of 35.2 g/tex; a low micronaire value mean of 3.5 to a high of 5.1; and low maturity ratio mean of 0.85 to a high maturity ratio of 0.97 across both populations. These highly divergent fiber quality lines will help to create high quality fiber upland cotton cultivars while maintaining high fiber yields and wide adaptation across the cotton growing areas of the U.S. This experiment will also hopefully result in the development and release of germplasm lines specific fiber properties.

In 2012, 29 M5 lines selected from TAM 94-L25 and 33 lines selected from Acala 1517-99 were compared to four check cultivars in replicated trials at Las Cruses, NM, Lubbock, TX, College Station, TX, and Stoneville, MS. By December of 2012, agronomic data was being analyzed by location and fiber quality samples were being prepared for submission to the FBRI Laboratory at Texas Tech University for HVI and AFIS fiber quality evaluation. This process will ensure that marking lines that are selected that produce stable fiber quality across a broad range of production environments.


Project Year: 2012

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