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11-803TX  Project Manager: J. M. Reeves


Gaylon D. Morgan, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Texas ranks first in upland cotton production with 5.5-6.0 million acres annually and harvest of 4-5 million bales. Cotton represents about 9% of all cash receipts for Texas ag commodities and in 2009 economic impact of cotton was over $5 billion, including all allied industries (production, processing and marketing) of the crop. Production problems that limit yield, reduce production efficiency, and restrict profitability affect cotton producers across Texas. For these reasons, a project was developed that would allow easy delivery of information to growers to assist them in the many decisions they must make regarding their cotton farming operations. The overall objective of this project is the delivery of a Cotton Resource DVD. This program will support a coordinated, statewide cotton effort fostering the development of focused educational DVD for clientele. Outcomes from this activity will enhance producer, industry personnel and Extension agent knowledge of new technologies and production management strategies; thereby, providing the information necessary for making better informed decisions.

Delivery of production information to assist producers, consultants and allied industry in making timely and informed decisions is a constant need. Although traditional methods (cotton clinics and seminars, turn-row meetings, county and regional programs, periodicals, newsletters, etc.) are utilized, it is difficult to compile and disseminate all the necessary and timely information acquired during the production season. The CD/DVD contains information on the following topics: early, mid, and late-season agronomics, economics, decision aid tools, fertility, irrigation, entomology, plant pathology, ginning and harvesting, seed and feed uses, kids educational materials, videos, picture gallery, and "Cotton Physiology Today" documents.

The development of the Cotton Resource CD in 2005 and Cotton Resource DVD in 2007 provided an excellent vehicle for disseminating large amounts of information to clientele in a concise and usable format. Over 6,000 copies were distributed. This project in 2011 and 2012 would utilize the DVD format which provides video, audio and data storage and access abilities, and offers high capacity, multimedia data storage. The information included on the Cotton Resource DVD 2011 was completed in February and 3,000 DVDs were scheduled to be burned in March. The 3,000 DVD copies were received in April. Since receipt of the Cotton Resource DVD 2011, the DVDs were distributed to County Agents and IPM agents to be distributed to key cotton producers throughout the state. The Cotton Resource DVD 2011 has also been linked to the Web page and all the information on the DVDs can be found on the internet. Additionally, copies of the DVD have been sent to the Texas State Support Committee, all the members of the Texas Cotton Ginners Association, and leadership within Cotton Incorporated. The DVDs are currently being distributed to cotton producers at educational meetings throughout the state until the end of 2012 and into 2013. As of January 2013, about 10% of the Cotton Resource DVDs are yet to be distributed, but will continue to be distributed until they are all gone.

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