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10-701TX  Project Manager: E. M. Barnes


C.B. Parnell, Jr., S. Capareda, D.S. Saucier and R. McGee, Texas AgriLife Research

Cotton gins have a readily available supply of biomass that is a by-product of cotton ginning. A 40 bale per hour (bph) rated gin can accumulate 4,000 to 9,600 tons of cotton gin trash (CGT) every season. CGT has an energy content of 7,000 Btu/lb. Gasification of biomasses such as CGT can offer processing facilities the opportunity to transform their waste biomass into electricity. The gasification of CGT yields 80% synthesis gas (syngas) and 20% biochar. The biochar infused in the syngas should be separated prior to entering an internal combustion engine driving a generator for electricity production. In Texas A&M's Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering's provisional patent on fluidized bed gasification, a series of 1D2D and 1D3D cyclones were used to capture the biochar from the syngas. A cyclone test stand was designed and constructed to evaluate cyclone capture efficiencies of biochar. A statistical design was used to evaluate cyclone performances for varying biochar feed rates and cyclone inlet velocities. A total of 24 tests for the 1D2D and 36 tests for the 1D3D cyclone were conducted. Average collection efficiency for the 1D2D cyclone was 96.6% and 96.9% for the 1D3D cyclone. An analysis on the cyclone's pressure drop was performed to compare the change in pressure drop from air only passing through the cyclone and when the cyclones are loaded with biochar. The average change in pressure drop for the 1D2D cyclone was a decrease of 54%, and the average change in pressure drop for the 1D3D cyclone was a decrease of 62%.


Project Year: 2012

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