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08-293TX  Project Manager: E. M. Barnes


Todd A. Baughman and Gaylon D. Morgan, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Variety selection is the most important decision made during the year. Unlike herbicide or insecticide decisions that can be changed during the season to address specific conditions and pests, variety selection is made only once, and variety selection dictates the management of a field for the entire season. Variety decisions should be based on genetics first and transgenic technology second. Attention should be focused on agronomic characteristics such as yield, maturity, and fiber quality when selecting varieties.

Texas producers planted 6.6 million acres of cotton in 2012 which was about 0.5 million less than 2011. Transgenic varieties accounted for 99% of the state acreage in 2012 which is up from 86% in 2011. To assist Texas cotton producers in remaining competitive in the Rolling Plains of Texas the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Agronomy program has been conducting, large plot, on-farm, replicated variety trials. This approach provides a good foundation of information that can be utilized to assist the variety selection process. We have also been evaluating the use of TopGuard for Cotton Root Rot Control for the past two years to help farmers control cotton root rot. Seven Replicated Agronomic Cotton Evaluation (RACE) Trials were planted in 2012 and one strip trial.

Only four out of the eight trials where harvested due to the drought. Two cotton root rot trials were initiated to determine the efficacy and phytoxicity of TopGuard® for managing Cotton Root Rot in the Rolling Plains of Texas. We only harvested one due to no disease pressure at the other location.

The complete results of the variety trial is too extensive to be reported in this summary; however, a document titled "RACE Trials for Rolling Plains – 2012" was distributed at multiple county educational meetings, and was distributed to all the county extension agents in the Rolling Plains and to all the major cotton seed companies with varieties grown in the Rolling Plains.


Project Year: 2012

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