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07-200  Project Manager: E. M. Barnes


Brock Faulkner, Texas AgriLife Research

New high-quality cotton cultivars have been adopted in the Southern High Plains recently and, as a result, interest has grown in finding harvest and ginning practices that better preserve fiber quality. Advancements in roller ginning technology have increased the ginning rate of some roller gins to that of saw gins. Thus, there is renewed interest in roller ginning for upland cotton. The objective of this work was to compare fiber quality and turnout of upland cotton produced in the Southern High Plains, harvested using a spindle picker or a brush-roll stripper, and ginned using saw or high-speed roller ginning (HSRG) systems. The findings of this work indicate that the HSRG substantially improved the length characteristics of the upland cultivar used regardless of harvest method. Turnout was higher for the HSRG cotton and for picker harvested cotton. Nep content was reduced for picker harvested cotton and HSRG cotton. Loan value for HSRG cotton was reduced slightly compared to the saw ginned cotton due to reduced fiber reflectance values. The fiber length distribution and nep content improvements afforded by the HSRG make this fiber more attractive to ring spinning mills, which produce high count yarns for high value products. Although loan values for HSRG cotton were slightly reduced compared to saw ginned cotton, it is likely that the loan chart does not properly account for the ring spinning efficiency and yarn quality improvements afforded by the HSRG process on upland cotton. This project was funded by both the Texas State Support (08-310TX) and Core (07-200) programs.


Project Year: 2012

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