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06-814  Project Manager: J. M. Reeves


John R. C. Robinson, Texas A&M University

The overall objective of this research project is to disseminate price information. The Cotton Market Planner (CMP) Newsletter continues to be published on-line every week. It consists of a main newsletter page ( and numerous linked sub-pages. The intent of the CMP newsletter is to allow an individual reader the opportunity to either read the summary information on the main newsletter page and/or proceed on to more in-depth information on a variety of subjects. While a formal survey of CMP readership has not been conducted, the anecdotal feedback remains positive.

An e-mail reminder of the newsletter's weekly online posting is sent to numerous individuals in the A&M System and currently 389 external recipients (farmers, traders, merchants, fund sector, etc.). Additional evidence from indicates that the newsletter has been viewed on-line by people across the world, with the majority centered in North America (i.e., U.S. cotton industry and trader/brokers). There appears to be a weekly and seasonal pattern to viewership. The weekly pattern reflects the influence of e-mail announcements of the Monday morning on-line posting.

According to, the main newsletter page receives an average of 23 page visits per day with an average visit time of 2:15 minutes, which is similar to 2011. Site Meter defines a "page visit" as a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views.  Sitemeter also measures "page views" which reflects the instances where a reader follows a linkage from one page to another sub-page. The CMP newsletter has an average of 37 page views per day which implies that while many readers only view the first page, a number are pursuing additional information in the linked sub-pages. This is also similar to 2011 readership patterns. This newsletter is also available on


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