Agricultural Research Project Summaries

2012 Missouri State Support Program
10-652MO Controlled Release N Fertilizers: Do They Have A Place In Missouri Cotton Production?
  Andrea Phillips Jones, University of Missouri

10-656MO Evaluating The Effects And Timing Of A Side Dress Application
  Andrea Phillips Jones, University of Missouri

10-661MO Using Real-Time Sensors To Differentiate Between Nitrogen And Water Stress In Cotton
  Andrea Phillips Jones, David Dunn, Gene Stevens, University of Missouri and Earl Vories, USDA-ARS

11-837MO The Key To Telemetry: Knowing The Ideal Soil Moisture To Irrigate At
  Joseph Henggeler, University of Missouri

11-838MO Mite Thresholds
  Andrea S. Phillips, University of Missouri

12-123MO Soil Health In Cotton Fields With Wheat, Rye, Clover, Canola And Radish Cover Crops
  W. Eugene Stevens, University of Missouri

12-124MO Impact Of Brix Level (sugar) Enhancers On Insects And Yield
  Andrea Phillips Jones, University of Missouri


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