Agricultural Research Project Summaries

2012 Mississippi State Support Program
09-491MS Providing Education To Mississippi Cotton Growers On Agricultural, Land And Water Resource, And Environmental Issues
  Chip Morgan, Delta Council

09-512MS Reniform And Root-Knot Nematode Resistance Gene Stacking In Mississippi Cotton Breeding Lines Via Marker Assisted Selection
  Ted P. Wallace, Mississippi State University

10-679MS Cotton Yield Response To Residual N And K Levels And Crop Reflectance Based Fertilizer Nitrogen Management
  M. Wayne Ebelhar and Jac J. Varco, Mississippi State University

10-680MS Assess Commercially Available Soil And Plant Based Sensors Systems And Associated Telecommunications Systems For Their Ability To Schedule Irrigations Easily, Accurately, Reliably And Economically In A User-Friendly Format
  H. C. (Lyle) Pringle, III, Mississippi State University

10-719MS Research To Countering Developing Cotton Weed Control Crises In Mississippi
  Jason A. Bond, Mississippi State University

11-832MS Managing Insect Pests Of Cotton In Mississippi
  Angus L. Catchot, Mississippi State University

11-835MS Farm Families Of Mississippi Ag Image Campaign
  Justin Ferguson, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation

11-836MS Management Of Volunteer Crops In Roundup Ready, Liberty Link And Conventional Varieties
  Daniel B. Reynolds, Mississippi State University

12-110MS Optimizing Return From Potash Fertilization Of Cotton Through Soil Test Correlation And Calibration
  Bobby R. Golden, Mississippi State University

12-170MS Expansion Of The Cotton Verification Program For Mississippi Producers
  Darrin Dodds, Mississippi State University


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